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All organizations have to meet secretary of state, business licensing, and tax requirements. As online sales and remote hiring activities increase exponentially, companies are exposed to registration and reporting requirements like never before. The demand for a solution to meet these requirements is booming.

The Harbor Compliance Alliance (HCA) provides an opportunity to offer our compliance services and software to your clients. We offer a proven way to increase your firm’s revenue, save time, and improve your clients’ experience.

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Proud Partners Include:
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Unlocking New Possibilities

1. Broaden Your Service Offerings

We address a set of challenges that every one of your clients faces. Add our corporate, tax registration, and licensing services to your repertoire without increasing your overhead.

The result: Say ‘yes’ to more client requests and monetize the services as you’d like. Through partnering with us, your clients get the very best service and your work effort is next to none.


2. Turn State Compliance Into a Revenue Center

With Harbor Compliance as your outsourced state compliance solution, we do the work and provide status every step of the way. We free up your staff’s time for higher-value engagements.

The result: Make a higher margin by not doing state compliance work, and you turn a cost center into a revenue center.


3. Improve Client Retention and Experience

Our services are tailor made to support any client in any state. And, our robust Entity Manager software puts real-time entity data at your fingertips. Whether you’re supporting a client during a nexus study, due diligence, or as they scale, we provide the key insights to keep you one step ahead.

The result: Together, our tools in your hands drive more informed conversations with clients and a more complete solution for their ongoing needs.


Key Service Areas


Secretary of State

Registered Agent

Copies and Certificates of Good Standing Retrieval

Document Drop-off (Counter Filing)

Annual Reports

Foreign Qualification

Business Formation

Doing Business As (DBA) Name



Dissolution and Withdrawal

Domestication, Merger, Conversion

Nonprofit Incorporation


Tax Registration and Exemption

Sales & Use Tax Registration

Payroll Tax Registration

Income and Franchise Tax Registration

501(c) Exemption

State Tax Exemption

Lumatax Sales Tax Quick Assessment


Business Licensing

General Business License

Industry-Specific License

Nonprofit Charitable Registration

Cause Marketing Commercial Co-Venture Registration

Professional Solicitor and Fundraising Counsel Registration



Beneficial Ownership Information

Who Partners With Us

Our partners range from top-ranked law, accounting, and consulting firms to fast-growth technology companies.

Accounting firms, CPAs, and bookkeepers

Simplify secretary of state and tax registration filings of all kinds.

Law firms and legal professionals

Automate your corporate filing workflow, view your clients’ secretary of state registration footprints, and simplify your legal researchs.

Consulting firms and business advisors

Offer compliance services to complement your strategic guidance.

Payroll processors

Open unemployment insurance and withholding tax accounts nationwide.

Sales Tax and VAT software

Open sales and use tax accounts wherever your clients meet nexus thresholds.

Mail forwarders and virtual offices

Offer registered agent and secretary of state filing services in every state.

Entity and equity management software

Robust SOS data drives valuable client insights and upsell opportunities.

Banks and lenders

Automate entity good standing research as part of due diligence.

Startup ecosystem providers

Form new legal entities at scale with the click of a button.

Affiliate marketers

Online publishers and internal marketers can publish information about Harbor Compliance services and earn referral commissions.

Visit our Affiliate Program page for more information.

Don’t see your use case?

Reach to learn more about our custom partnership arrangements.

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Join the Harbor Compliance Alliance

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