White Paper: Achieve ROI of 30X and Up on Business Licensing

When a single license that costs hundreds can make you millions, it pays to turn those numbers to your advantage. Our white paper shows, with just a minor shift in approach, how companies can leverage licensing for substantial ROI. The paper provides:

  • Three real-world case studies of companies that overcame license gaps
  • A tested framework for evaluating licensing options
  • Highlights of recent licensing developments in a range of industries
  • Best practices to boost capacity and profits

Give your business a license to succeed.

From the White Paper:

“...the licensing board determined that the contract required a residential contractor’s license rather than a commercial one, disqualifying both of the top firms in favor of a third. The project is still up for grabs. The bids ranged from $250 million to $350 million...”

“...By that time, BKN’s firm license in Connecticut had expired, making the company ineligible for contracts worth $220,000 combined...”

“...the agency had bidding opportunities on hold in Illinois and Ohio with a combined value of $1.2 million, $700,000 of which expired by the time their licenses were brought up to date...”


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