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Business Compliance Update:
Maintaining Multi-State Compliance in 2021 and Beyond

Thursday, October 28th
1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

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James Gilmer

Compliance Specialist, Harbor Compliance

James Gilmer is a senior member of the Harbor Compliance team with a diverse background in nonprofit leadership, corporate compliance, and strategic partnerships. Over his tenure, James has handled more than 25,000 filing transactions for over 3,000 organizations. He is passionate about educating and consulting with executives on their compliance strategies.

About This Webinar

Few people would debate that the past year has changed how business is conducted. In this webinar, we’ll review how the “new normal” of business will affect your compliance strategies now, and in the years to come. Harbor Compliance’s James Gilmer will lead you through a discussion of:

  • The fundamentals of corporate lifecycle compliance, tax registration, and business licensing.
  • How recent trends have expanded the footprints of businesses.
  • How these trends have increased the burden of multi-state registrations.
  • Strategies for meeting requirements in every jurisdiction where you conduct business.

We will have a brief Q&A session following the presentation. Please list your questions in the signup form.

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