White Paper: Licensing for Profitability, Agility, & Growth: Meeting the Challenges of Small and Mid-Sized Engineering Firms

Presented by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and Harbor Compliance

As the NSPE notes, licensure is the mark of a professional engineer, an assurance of dedication, skill, and quality. For engineering firms, it is also the key to sustainable, organic growth. By managing firm licenses (certificates of authorization) and individual PE licenses effectively, engineering firms can enjoy significant competitive advantages.

This white paper provides tactics and resources to help small and mid-sized firms manage licensing effectively to serve their business goals. It reveals:

  • The three layers of licensing firms must manage to ensure compliance
  • Tactics for greater agility when responding to opportunities
  • Strategies for reducing wasted staff hours and enhancing internal communication
  • Common pitfalls when managing licensing, and tips for avoiding them
  • Licensing best practices to ensure a strong, compliant foundation for your firm

Learn what you need to know to license your firm for success.


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