White Paper: How Compliance Affects Grantseeking

A Guide for For Foundations, Nonprofits, and Fundraising Professionals

Many nonprofits and foundations are unaware that grant applications are considered charitable solicitation under the laws of many states, potentially requiring registration. This guide, prepared by Harbor Compliance and Foundation Center, answers questions received by Harbor Compliance over the course of registering thousands of nonprofits for fundraising. Learn what grant makers and grantseekers need to know to ensure compliance, including:

  • When and where is registration required?
  • Do the requirements apply to all nonprofits, or are there exceptions?
  • How much does registration cost?
  • What steps are involved, and is there an easy way to manage state filings?
  • Must nonprofits register before submitting a grant application, or only if they receive an award?
  • How do state requirements apply to grant writers and other fundraising professionals?

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