Contribute to our License Library™

There are 150,000+ licensing agencies in the US and an untold number of business and professional licenses. Our goal is to catalog them all in an easy-to-understand way. Start contributing today to share your expertise and help us achieve our mission of simplifying complexity and helping businesses and nonprofits everywhere achieve compliance!

Who Can Contribute

Anyone who is detail-oriented and a licensing enthusiast! Especially:

  • Attorneys, CPAs, consultants, and service company marketing teams interested in being recognized as the authors of the most authoritative licensing database anywhere
  • Government agency licensing processors (especially at the local level, where typically not as much information is online)
  • Business Center librarians
  • Paralegals, Office Managers, and others who share in the pain (and love) of trying to figure out what licenses exist, how to file, and want to share their knowledge

How To Contribute

If you want to help, we're open-minded. Here are a few ways to help:
  • Ad-hoc suggest a missing license, filing, or other improvements.
  • Ad-hoc report any dated information, broken links, or other errors you find simply by using the License LibraryTM for your own needs
  • If you have already built up expertise or had to do research for your own needs, and have approval to share that with us, simply dump your spreadsheet on our team, and we will work to standardize and import your data to make it available on our website, so somebody else doesn't have to go through the same exercise
  • Become a champion of a certain geography, industry, or license type. For example, if you work in a local government office or serve as a business center librarian to your local community, provide the local knowledge on licenses (and timely updates) that you know best.
  • Help us audit! Because licensing data keeps changing, we ALWAYS have spreadsheets of different data sets we just want to go back and check over to keep fresh.
  • Pick your passion of new research (there's lots of unchartered territory), and we will give you the format to go research the data so it can be easily imported back into the License Library


Meet Alec

Alec Schultz is a data analyst and researcher who has been with Harbor since 2015. He has contributed thousands of license requirements across more than a dozen industries to the License Library. Alec enjoys the challenge of learning the nuances of each new license and strives to make complex requirements easy to understand.

Contact Alec to Discuss Contributing